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I’m Ron Willis founder of Green Porch Swing Productions and “YES” you are on the right web page and “NO” I don’t make porch swings though as a young boy I used to sit on one quite a lot. I present keynote addresses, seminars and training workshops to corporations, businesses, educational associations, health care providers, social service agencies and child care organizations across America.

I have a compelling vision: “ Professionals, leaders, co-workers, spouses and parents lifted up to a higher ground of partnership and service to others by the application of life principles in daily behavior.” This commitment to values of integrity, compassion, honesty, affirmation and genuineness presented in the form of stories to touch the heart has earned me the title of the “Mr. Rogers” of mental health.

While I went to school many places my best education occurred on an old porch swing with my grandfather a retired railroad engineer with a seventh grade education. My grandfather always believed that in the business of helping other people what you had living in your heart was far more important than a piece of paper to be hung on a wall.

If you are tired of “flash and fluff” with little substance and believe that INSPIRATION rather than MOTIVATION is the true path to excellence then give GREEN PORCH SWING PRODUCTIONS the opportunity to win your respect and trust and design a keynote or seminar for your next conference or training.

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Ronald R. Willis, Founder
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